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Introducing the Ford Focus ST

Ford Focus ST Overview

Performance and efficiency, technology and design: the new Focus ST is the new Focus experience… enhanced.

As efficient, practical and made for everyday driving as it is a genuine, track tested performance car, the new Focus ST is here.

Track tested performance and outstanding efficiency, advanced technology and cutting-edge design: the Focus ST delivers it all, in one thrilling package.

With a strikingly restyled and sculpted exterior and a cabin that’s more streamlined and sophisticated, this is the most refined Focus ST ever made.

This next generation model incorporates a wide range of remarkable technologies.  

For example, Ford SYNC 2 (where fitted) with Voice Control & Touchscreen enables you to operate the car's navigation (Optional at extra cost on ST-2 and ST-3). Entertainment and climate control systems, by voice or touch. (Image shown is for illustrative purposes)

The New Ford Focus ST: A Multi-Talented Athlete

Smart technology, intelligent design, precision engineering: behind the wheel of the Focus ST, you’re as connected to the road as you are with your music, messages and phone calls on the move.

Racing-style sports suspension

An upgraded suspension includes stiffer bushes on the front lower control arm and rear spring links, plus an all-new anti-roll bar design. This setup lowers the chassis, bringing the centre of gravity closer to the road for more precise cornering.

Change direction: maintain control

The Focus ST incorporates a new technology called Electronic Transitional Stability (part of the advanced three-stage Electronic Stability programme). By sensing vehicle stability and driver inputs, the system can react and respond to help you maintain precision and control when changing lanes, or overtaking.

More control, and more fun, in corners

By balancing engine torque between the front wheels, to suit the road surface and driving conditions, Electronic Torque Vectoring Control gives you grip, confidence and precision handling when you accelerate during cornering.

Experience EcoBoost

Turbocharging, twin-independent variable cam timing technology, high-pressure direct fuel injection: the 2.0-litre, 250PS EcoBoost petrol engine utilises them all to deliver (in the 5-door model) a 0-62mph, time of just 6.5 seconds and a top speed of 154 mph (limited). This lightweight aluminium engine is ultra-responsive and exceptionally efficient: providing swift acceleration through the gears and maximum torque available from just 2000 RPM.

Diesel power

The 2.0-litre, 185PS TDCi engine is available in both PowerShift and manual transmissions. The powerful engine can propel your Focus ST 5-door from 0-62 mph in 7.7 seconds (PowerShift) and onward to a top speed of 135 mph (limited). Peak power is developed at 3,500 rpm and 400 Nm of torque is available from 2,000- 2,750 rpm. This torque output enables impressive in-gear acceleration and strong performance at low rpm.

Switch to ‘Sport’

You can switch the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) system between two modes. Sport Mode gives you full control over engine torque whilst the ESP brake interventions are reduced to allow more sporty driving. Traction Control is also switched off to deliver higher wheel spin for improved traction in specific, demanding situations. Via the ‘Off Mode’, both ESP and Traction Control can be switched off completely.

Coordinated safety systems activate in a split-second

The Focus ST is equipped with an advanced Intelligent Protection System (IPS), which coordinates a number of safety systems to protect both you and your passengers. As well as an impact-absorbing bodyshell, an array of airbags help shield the car’s occupants. The steering column and pedals are also designed to collapse away from the driver, helping to reduce the chance of injury in the event of an accident.

Helps make city driving safer

Accidents in stop-start or slow moving traffic happen all too frequently (particularly in busy city streets). Active City Stop is designed to help you avoid, or reduce the impact of them. If the system detects the car in front slows down unexpectedly, and you’re travelling at a speed of under 30 mph, it automatically applies the brakes.

Advanced systems for more controlled braking

A refined Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) combine to ensure that your braking is more controlled. The brake assembly has also been improved to give a swifter response.

Two advanced systems to help you stay in lane

Lane Keeping Aid will deliver steering assistance if it detects you are about to change lane without signalling. And if your vehicle is unintentionally drifting toward the lane markings, Lane Keeping Alert alerts you by vibrating the steering wheel and showing a visual signal in the cluster display.

Ultra-bright, low-energy, bi-xenon headlights

From motorways to city streets, Bi-Xenon Headlamps with Adaptive Lighting change their beam pattern automatically, providing the best illumination for a variety of driving situations. The headlamps also auto-dip when an oncoming vehicle is detected.

Style and Design

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