Pioneering Motoring in the UK for Decades

Ford has pioneered motoring in the UK for decades, bringing the latest engineering and technical innovations to everyday drivers across the country. 
And happily, they don’t have plans to stop any time soon. Moving with the times, Ford is bringing cutting edge technology and the most efficient vehicles we’ve everseen to our roads with its range of hybrid and electric vehicles.

M53 Ford is incredibly proud to offer our customers all the very latest hybrid and electric models from Ford. It is a range that is growing fast. Ford plans to release 16 fully electric vehicles by 2022, with the highest performing fully-electric performance utility vehicle having a targeted range of approximately 300 miles. The days of drivers having the somewhat simple choice of a petrol or diesel engine are long gone.

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Types of Electric Vehicles​

There are four types of electric vehicle to choose from: mild hybrid, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles. Understanding what they each have to offer can be very tricky. This is where M53 Ford can help. Our team of experts are fully trained professionals who can dissect all of the benefits of each type of vehicle, and based on your specific needs, help you refine your choice of hybrid or electric vehicle. 

Gathering information about your driving style, your vehicle requirements, and your budget, and combining that with their knowledge of the Ford hybrid and electric range of vehicles, we can help you make the right choice so that the power really is in your hands.

The first step is understanding each of the four types of electric vehicle, as they are each designed to suit a range of usages and needs. Plus, getting to grips with the differences between a mild hybrid, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicle will make selection a lot easier.

Feeling the Difference

We showcase many vehicles in our showroom and can arrange a test drive so that you can feel the difference in our hybrid and electric engines - because you will definitely hear a difference. The silence of an all-new Ford hybrid or electric vehicle is so refreshing. So why not have a chat with us about Ford’s impressive, technologically advanced range of hybrid and electric vehicles? Available for both personal and commercial customers, there is a solution for every driver.

Our friendly and helpful team will not only help you select the hybrid or electric vehicle that best matches your lifestyle or business need, but they will also guide you through all the options for purchase or lease hire. Whether it’s a family SUV or a company transit you need, come and chat with us about your options for a hybrid or electric Ford vehicle, because we guarantee we have a solution for you.

Contact one of the team today to book a vehicle test drive or to schedule an appointment with one of the M53 Ford experts.

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